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Outdated BeamDestribution's config pack (Deprecated) 1.3

This mod won´t get updated anymore.

  1. Big update (whatever you consider big, it is for me)

    Linux Doggo
    -Improvements to the off-road editions
    -Added Doorless Off-Road (Highered snorkelless version included)
    -Added Thumbnail Edition based on one of the loading screens.
    -Added Pusher (Based on the Thumbnail Edition)
    -Added Demo Edition (A recreation of the d-15 in the first techdemos)
    Enjoy :)


    1. screenshot_00018.jpg
    2. screenshot_00019.jpg
    3. screenshot_00020.jpg
    4. screenshot_00022.jpg
  2. Update 1

    Linux Doggo
    Change log
    -Added Gavril D-series Turbocharged configuration.
    -Added Gavril D-series TurboCountry configuration.
    -Added Gavril D-series Pro Off-Road configuration.
    -Improved engine and suspension setup for Gavril D-series Unreleased Off-Road edition.
    -Added Gavril Roamer Drift configuration.
    -Improved thumnails, I still have to work on them and they're far from perfect.
    Give me your thoughts about the new configs and have fun! :) Note; You have to manually change the front coilovers because...
  3. Initial release (0.8)

    Linux Doggo
    -Renamed .zip to developers request. This is not important for the downloaders.
    Have fun!
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