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Beamic Park Gavril Roamer Tour Car 1.1

Just like in the movie, but with a Roamer instead!

  1. Beamic Park Gavril Roamer Tour Car

    • Fixed the revving idle engine sound when moving
  2. Beamic Park 1.0

    • The glass roof is now detachable
    • The antennas on both sides are now jbeamed and wiggle. (Can't be broken off though)
  3. Beamic Park 0.7

    • Jbeamed more parts, now all lights and rear light guards among others are now detachable on impacts.
    • Modified a bit the transmission based on a CVT one.
  4. Beamic Park 0.62

    • Fixed a material problem in one of the front light units.
    screenshot_00293.png screenshot_00294.png
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  5. Beamic Park 0.61

    • Added a 3D Gavril logo on the custom front grill.
  6. Beamic Park 0.6

    • Various fixes
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