Gavril Roamer Beamic Park Tour Car 5.0

Just like in the movie, but with a Roamer instead!

  1. The Full Remaster



    On (a few days short) its 4th anniversary, the Roamer Beamic Park has been fully remastered to offer a level of refinement and quality never seen before, bringing the mod to the standard it deserves!

    The full changelog is as follows (long list ahead!):

    General Updates and New Features:
    • 3D Model:
      • Several key parts were partially or fully redone.
      • Improved polyflow of all remaining parts.
      • Reduced polycount of...
  2. 0.21 Hotfix

    • Fixed broken glass textures all over the car
    • Fixed wrong trim being applied on the sides
  3. The Variants Update

    screenshot_2020-08-16_02-42-26.png screenshot_2020-08-16_18-23-15.png
    • Created a whole new front based on the real life car look, with custom grill, headlights, fenders, and hood. The grill is available in both black and body color, selectable trough the parts selector.
    • Added a restyling Beamic bumper to the old main version, giving it the complete restyling look.
    • Added optional classic doors featuring squared black door handles.
    • Added 3 configs:
      • Classic Look: Using...
  4. Hotfix

    • Replaced real tire branding for a fictional one
  5. Beamic Park Roamer: Reborn for 0.20

    • Full and deep overhaul of the entire mod, starting from scratch using the 0.20 Roamer base/parts for maximum compatibility.
    • Brand new body, with a redone custom fit glass roof and revised jbeams to ensure proper behaviour.
    • Brand new interior, including:
      • New custom dash, using the new Roamer restyling as a base, with central GPS screen, no gauges, and extra vents next to the screen.
      • Custom console with a second GPS screen mounted on a support for the rear...
  6. Hotfix

    • Solved "No Brakes" issue that also affected the vanilla Roamer family
  7. 0.18.4 Update

    • Updated the whole mod to be compatible with the latest update performed to the stock Roamer.
    • Switched to a 2WD drive like the real car (Therefore removing the rear electric engine, just the front one remains)
    • Replaced rims with a closer lookalike new rim from the game.
  8. A fix a day keeps issues away!

    • Fixed weird texture look on the front fenders
  9. Oops...


    • Forgot to make the rear subframe visible! It's now fixed.
  10. Uh, life finds a way!

    • Added custom frame
    • Added custom eSBR Electric drivetrain replacing all remains of an ICE engine.
    • Added custom tires "BNSuperrich"
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