Beta BeamNG Hypercars Pack by Nunu 0.2.2

Tatrinho Super Fast, Axel Maximus, Exol Hyperscar

  1. Nunu
    I would like to present you a mod that is still in the process of being creating

    Here's what introduces the BeamNG Hypercars Pack:

    Tatrinho Super Fast - attempt to create the strongest unit in the row system with a capacity of 4 liters. R6 turbo with 798 horsepower. Appearance refers to the classic Polish car named Warszawa. The use of lightweight parts makes up to 100 km/h accelerate in 3.2 seconds. Four-wheel drive, power distribution is 20% forward, 80% backward. Top speed - 326 km/h.

    upload_2019-1-9_11-38-55.png upload_2019-1-9_11-39-30.png

    Axel Maximus - as the name suggests, it focuses on maximum power. A 9-liter, 10-cylinder, twin-turbo V-engine with unimaginable 1986 horsepower. The car is undergoing repairs, because it is very unstable at speeds above 220 km / h, and its maximum speed is 396 km/h. Up to hundreds in 2.4 seconds, the distribution of power on 4 wheels is 35 on the front and 65 on the back (After increasing the power on the back the car becomes more and more understeer, and the other way - loses speed).

    The last one is Exol Hyperscar - It is a premium car - its main task is to be elegant, sporty and stick to the road very well. In addition, I tried to get the most out of it with a naturally aspirated 12-cylinder V-shaped engine with a capacity of 6 liters and 716 horsepower. This is in my opinion the best sounding engine, in my opinion a comparable sound seems Lamborghini Aventador (Characteristic, groaning), which is why the stylistic refers to this car. Up to hundreds in 3.6 seconds, max speed - 302 km / h. Rear drive.

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Recent Reviews

  1. cob4lt974
    Version: 0.2.2
    These cars looks so blad seems no effort at all. make a single good quality car intstead of bad quality car pack, especialy high performance vehicles, and i see those cars had lot problems with drivetrain and handling, please watch automations official tuning tutorials.
    And these car looks so strange, compared to irl cars and another automation cars(especialy its rear fascia) .they definitly needs lot of works,
    A good quality car is what this comunity needs as these took days up to weeks to create but they are enjoyable.
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