Beta BeamNG Off Road Open Desert Trails 4096x4096 1.8.1

Bring your Offroad truck, Trophy truck, Pre runner, Rock crawler and Buggy to these trails.

  1. Fix performance drop

    Fix performance drop caused by terrain.
  2. New trails, Trail texture, more whoops and much more

    New trails, Trail texture, more whoops and much more..

    • New trails
    • Redesign some trails
    • New trail textures
    • New clouds
    • Adjusted environment temperature
    • New jumps and whoops
    • PBR texture for mountains in the backdrop
    • Changed sun direction
    • More assets through out the trails
    • Fixed distance fog color
    • Removed flags collision
    • Changed ground model from DIRT to DIRT_DUSTY_LOOSE
    • Converted most of .cs files to .json
    • Fixed most of errors on...
  3. Missing Terrain Fix...

    Quick missing terrain fix...

    Sorry about that guys
  4. Improved performance, more assets and whoops

    increase overall performance
    change sand color tone
    add assets
    add whoops to some trails(more to add)
    change some trails layout
    smoothed out terrain
    add one new vegetation type
    decrease vegetation density by not much
    change backdrop
    remove rocks from the trail in the rocky pass
    and more.

    Known issue:
    asphalt terrain might be dirt in some parts
    rocks don't have texture when seen from a distance

  5. Missing Terrain Fix

    Missing Terrain Fix

    Missing Assets Texture Fix

    Added Small Rocks To Trails
  6. Redone Rock crawling , add rock bouncing, More assets!

    • New Rock Crawling

    • Rock Bouncing

    • Add New Assets and More!!!
    I hope you guys have fun with this this update.

    sorry for taking to long to update
  7. Many Terrain Fixes, Add Two Time Trials, More Assets


  8. Add small town, Add new trails, Banners fix, Terrain fix and more.

    • Small town

    • New Trails

    • More Assets

    • Banners fix
  9. Hightway, Terrain fix, sky and assets.

    • Hightway
    • Terrain fixes

    • Sky color

    • Add more assets.
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