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Beta beamNGmodgods 4x4 trial #1 2.0

This is map No. 1 out of 10, Slow and steady is better.

  1. Few touch ups & new finish 2.0 update

    Few touch ups & new finish 2.0 update
    Few bugs fixed
    Re worked the last 1/4 of the track (made it harder)
    Re worked the finishing climb (easier and funner)

    Here is a preview of the last 1/4 of the track:

    Future update:
    Downsize the size of the mod.
    Add unreleased props.
    New 4x4 track.
  2. First update. 28/03/18

    First update. 28/03/18
    New ocean (purple fix).
    New sun.
    New sky.
    New cloud cover.
    Few small touch ups.

    Next update..
    Fix river.
    More vegetation.
    Size of download to be smaller.
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