1. DeckedGlobe2199
    This track is around 2min longer than Light Noodle 2 and designed to be faster and smoother. Even though I didn't intend it to be very challenging, vehicles sometimes have a hard time finding grip entering and exiting a bank so spinning out is very difficult to avoid.

    This track is again built around the powerglow Civetta Bolide. Other vehicles can complete this track but not all.

    • Twists and turns
    • Some minor jumps
    • Spirals
    • Steep drop

    screenshot_2020-02-25_21-09-17.png screenshot_2020-02-25_21-12-03.png screenshot_2020-02-25_21-13-37.png screenshot_2020-02-25_21-19-32.png

Recent Reviews

  1. L7kee
    Version: 1.0
    very well built! had a ton of fun messing around
    1. DeckedGlobe2199
      Author's Response
      thanks! :)
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