Unsupported Bedaso's Car Engines 2.1.1

An addon which adds poopy (and sometimes very cool) engines to various cars in beamng.

  1. More engines!

    Version 1.0,
    V8 for Legran
    2 I4s for Moonhawk
    3 V6s for Bolide
    1 V6 for Pickup

    Version 2.1,
    1.6 Lima engine for barstow
    1.6 4A and 4A-GE for covet
    2.4 Datsun I6 for Miramar
    3.2 V8 for Miramar
    5.0 I8 for Moonhawk
    2.4 Toyta SR5 I4 for D-Series
    4.0 V8 for Bolide
    2.5 I4 for H-Series
    2.5 Sport I4 for H-Series
    Super Radiator for H-Series

    Version 2.1.1,
    Fixed legran differential.
    Changed sounds for H-Series engines.
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