Beta Bendy Road 1.2

Fast smooth 4 lane road bending through the terrain past some built up areas

  1. Hopefully a fix for those who had loading problems

    Based in people saying the map hangs when loading the lamps I removed the 25 chunks of lamps and spent 8 hours placing 376 single lamps by hand.
    It was the most boring thing I have ever done. I really hope this sorts out the problem.

    I also added a ramp in the car park opposite spawn for you to move to where ever you want.

    Hopefully the map loads for everyone now. If not the I give up.
    Enjoy :)
  2. Converted materials to .dds and made lights auto turn on at night.

    I reduced the file size a fair amount by converting all the textures to the .dds format.
    I removed any unused models I found left over from other levels I made.
    I fixed the streetlights to only come on at night(were stuck on 24/7)
    I fixed the ocean not drowning cars.
    I added a rotating light to the lighthouse.

    No Idea if the loading issue is fixed because it loads in under 60 seconds for me :/

    If It doesn't load for you I am at a loss as to what the problem is. If I does load I hope you...
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