Better Crash Sounds (Completed) 2.5

Crash sounds taken from a real crash test, put into Beamng.

  1. Better Crash Sounds (Small Update)

    -Whats New?
    -Added a new wind sound, which will be incorporated in a future mod.
    -General Bug Fixes.

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  2. Lots of bug fixes, preparing for v3!

    This should be one of the final patches for the mod until v3.

    -Added some new glass sounds.
    -Mostly fixed the overpowering sounds(should be completely fixed in v3).
    -Mostly fixed the mod not registering and useing default sounds instead(please read below)

    You MUST press ctrl+L if the mod doesnt register. This reloads the lua and other things in the game. If this does not work quickly close and relaunch the game.
  3. Patch for V2.0

    I wanted to release a quick patch that should fix some if not most of the problems created by v10 for beamng. I also added a new fire noise to the mod.

    -Fixed the metal crash sound being to loud or too quiet, which would overpower everything else.
    -Added a new fire sound effect so its not super loud and annoying.
    -General Bug fixes.

    Version 3.0 should be out soon, no spoilers, shhh.
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  4. Better Crash sounds with improved glass shattering.


    This newest version of the mod includes a redesign of almost all the crash sounds, which includes the base sound, the windshield sound, the headlights, and more! Let me know on the discussion page if anything could be improved!
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