Better Sounds Mod [Repository Version] 1.9

Better Sounds Mod Repository Version with features missing

  1. Fix for

    I fixed tire smoke for the new update since it appear differently
  2. Fix for thanks to Gull

    I release a fix for
    Thanks to Gull for the fix
  3. Fix for

  4. Fixed my mistake

    Fixed my mistake
  5. Bug fix

    -Fixed an important bug with vehicles without wheels such as Large Crusher
  6. Particles update

    Particles update :eek:

    -Improved water particles, tire smoke particles and much improvement to dirt particles
    -Fixed some bugs with water particles
    -Clearly improved code cpu usage
  7. Fixed crash

    Fixed crash when reloading vehicle
  8. Better Sounds Mod Repository Version 1.5 bugs fixes

    -Cleared the code and removed useless code parts and variable
    -Fixed the mod
  9. Better Sounds Mod Repository Version 1.1 updated for

    -Removed driving on dirt sound
    -Updated for
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