Big Pete's Used Cars 0.8

An omnibus mod of various beaters, smokers, bangers and wrecks

  1. New Semi in stock now!

    Okay, so you wanted a wagon that in't all manky, well i've got the perfect thing here for you. Now I know they said it can't be done, you can't do custom paint jobs on a semi.. load of old cobblers, you just need a chuffing stepladder right?
    It's got all the kit mate, 1000 horsepower motor, flaming exhausts, drift LSD differential, and even custom mudflaps..

    (also included in the update are new rusty wheels for the rat semi, and a...
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  2. bug fix and more flaming exhausts!

    Mostly a bug fix: Sorted the error causing the T series frame to use the rusty textures on everything. It now correctly only appears on the "rusty" parts.

    A few tweaks to some skins, and an update to Del's van. Changed engine, transmission, final drive and exhaust. It now has performance similar to a Reliant 850cc engine.

    Have added a good 850cc engine which can be used in any pigeon, with 4 speed transmission.

    Have added flaming exhaust options for all the cars in the mod so far. Only...
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  3. New in this week: Grand marshall, covet, miramar

    Got some new stock in this week, better get your skates on coz these are going to sell fast I can tell you.

    Got a beautiful Covet here, absolutely mint condition, and what a striking colour, never going to loose this un in tescos car park are you?

    Very very rare Miramar, the slightly less goppingly ugly twin headlights version, very in demand these are.

    And a nice Grand Marshall, previously of the local fuzz, in great nick, got all the cop upgrades, and not even any bullet holes in it....
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  4. Flame On! Custom ETK1 with flamer kit

    Need people to pay more attention to you? Well have I got the motor for you... A lovely ETK covered in stickers, latest thing it is. And its got a flamer kit to boot! Proper headturner. Dunno how you switch it off, but you will figure it out i'm sure.

    Oh, and an update to the semi. Now with even more rust, and flaming exhausts too! (WIP)
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  5. 200sx drift rat scene lowrider show car #stance


    Cooler than a penguins bum and twice as low. Be the envy of all those other chumps that don't have to buy new wheel bearings every week.

    (Skin is colourable, use main colour for arches, detail 1 for bodywork. Bonnet will stay the same)
  6. NEW!! offroad hopper, brilliant project car! Also spares or repairs T series semi

    T series semi, no tax or test. Runs great just needs new paint job. Tyres have good tread all round.

    Project offroader. Loads invested in new parts, locking diffs alone are worth the asking price. 95% complete.
  7. Barn Find Burnside!

    Okay, so it needs some work, but it will be worth 5 times as much when it's done up.
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  8. New Stock! I got loads of lovely deals for you. Nine new cars!

    New deals!

    Le Grande
    And 2 pessimas!

    All with a 3000 mm Warranty, free air in the tyres, and a free can of easystart.
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