Big Shudd™ Donk Wheel Pack 1.3.5

Donk Lyf.

  1. Branding Update

    Sorry for the delay, had some issues with the update upload and had to fix some stuff.

    -Xs rebranded to ShuddairSpecs
    -"Big Shudd" Branding added to most wheels
    -Various Bugfixes
    -Luxe wheels removed
    -Other stuff I forgot

    Enjoy! If you see any other bugs please do report them. Thanks. This update got the mod to a finished state so there probably wont be another unless I need to bug fix or redo some models.
  2. Pre Release Update 2

    Multiple bug fixes and added three new wheels. Also redid some of the original ones.
  3. Pre Release Update

    Just a small bugfix update:
    -Resized Jbeam for 5 lug wheels
    -Resized Jbeam for Donkalicous and DonkSix Tires
    -Created unique slot type for tires on 5 lugs
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