Blackpool Superlite 2.41

Lightweight track focused roadster

  1. PBR materials and other minor fixes

    • Fixed digidash issue
    • Suspension jbeam finetuning to help with minor instability issues
    • Copied over all vanilla textures that were used to avoid issues with possible future revamps
    • Switched main material to the new PBR materials
  2. Suspension geometry rework and other changes.

    • Fixed drag assymetry issues
    • Added rear fender guards
    • Changed suspension geometry to raise the roll center slightly
    • Added tender springs on the rear coilovers to allow for more downtravel on the rear. This should help a lot with the sudden oversteer issues
    • Slight changes done to most suspension setups
    • Removed "RW" variants. They were pretty much meme configs. The setups where pretty bad and I had no interest in fixing them. The parts are still there if you want to...
  3. New digidash

    • New and improved digidash with integrated shift lights
    • Changed RX variant to use the new rally tires
  4. 0.20 fix

    • Updated odometer lua code to work in 0.20
    • Updated configs with new tires and wheels
  5. Light update and other stuff

    • Revamped all lights using textures borrowed from various vanilla vehicles.
    • Added break-groups to the lights
    • Added classic style round taillamps
    • Moved reverse light slot to the body and added rear fog-lamp option
    • Updated carbon fiber material (thanks to Nekkit)
    • Added missing vertical beams in the rear of the body
    • Fixed analog odometer html texture path
    • Added classic superlite rear badging
    • Fixed rear US plate material issue (thanks to Car_Killer)
    • Added...
  6. Minor fixes and brake stuff

    • Fixed glowmap and flare issues
    • Fixed weird caliper deformation when turning
    • Added a less sporty brake option, and cleaned up the brake part choices on all variants
    • Made windshield breakable
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  7. Interior rework and classic variant

    Suspension changes
    • Minor rework of toe-link and and steering link geometry to reduce bump steer
    • Included camber in the toe-link precompression calcs. Camber changes shouldn't have a major effect on toe anymore.
    • Changed coilovers to use preloadrange instead of precompression for ride height
    • Adjusted front suspension strength
    • Added 2 variants of analog gauges along with an odometer (thanks to Dummiesman)
    • Added switches to the interior
    • Added...
  8. Setup rework and other changes

    • Rework of all suspension setups, reducing damping rates to more reasonable values. Special thanks to @fufsgfen for his comments and suggestions.
    • Fixed missing front plates
    • Added RHD interior option
    • Rebranded the car to "Blackpool", a british inspired brand
    • Regenerated thumbnails
    • Adjusted reflectiveness of carbon fiber texture
    • Added gear whine to the racing transmissions
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  9. Small content update with steering rework

    • Added an imperial units option for the digidash. Look in the "Interior" category.
    • Added 1.5L engine based on covet
    • Added sub 100hp street variants using 1.5L engine
    • Added roll-cage to the baja and rally variants. Safety first.
    • Fixed excessive Ackermann issues. Car should now be closer to 100% Ackermann. Really helps handling with less grippy tires.
    • Minor setup changes due to the reduced Ackermann
    • 4 and 5 bolt hub options
    • Changed regular steering box so it's now...
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