Blamemeta's Moonhawk Parts Pack 1.0

Just another parts pack

  1. BlameMeta
    Blamemeta's Moonhawk parts pack

    This adds a lot of parts to the Moonhawk, namely a cut and derby prepped body, and 17x9 5 lug wheels that accept the new big tires. I've added a heavy duty flywheel, and a one barrel carb for the i6

    You can make an economy version of the Moonhawk, or a lifted derby Moonhawk, or a half-decent Baja Moonhawk

    Full part list

    Cut Body + Fenders that allow for large tires, such as the 36 inch crawler tires

    17x9 Steel Wheels front and rear that can take the large tires

    Lifted and Blown suspension components

    Light duty axles

    Locking diff

    3.88 and 4.10 rear gearing for the diff

    An one-barrel carb for the i6

    A small selection of wide ratio transmissions

    And a heavy duty flywheel


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    2. Screenshot6.png

Recent Reviews

  1. Leon_Rot
    Version: 1.0
    Nice for making good Offroad/Rally Versions of the Moonhawk, good Quality :D i hope to see more
  2. ThatCarGuyDownTheStreet
    Version: 1.0
    It's alright, does what it's supposed to do. But apply edge split please, only thing holdin ya back from 5.
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