Experimental Blkfxx's D-series parts 1.2

Bobbed beds, frames, cut fenders and other offroad parts

  1. Few new bits added and previous parts fixed

    Added more parts and fixed/refined the previous ones

    - Bobbed extended frame
    - Cut large facelift fenders
    - Cut larger fenders
    - 2 bumpers
    - Cut grill with corner lights and single headlight to suit (for use with one of the bumpers)
    - Stainless snorkel


    1. screenshot_2021-07-09_15-40-06_1280x667.png
    2. screenshot_2021-07-10_09-42-53_1280x667.png
    3. screenshot_2021-07-14_20-29-41_1280x667.png
  2. Now with bobbed short bed



    1. screenshot_2021-03-05_14-11-59.png
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