Alpha Bluebuck more engines mod 0.3

More engines for an old American boat.

  1. cruncibrunci
    Do you want more engines for your Bluebuck?
    Is your Bluebuck lacking some unique engines?
    If you answered "yes" to at least one of those questions, you should check out this mod.

    This mod adds a couple more engines to the Gavril Bluebuck.

    This pack features two engines: a 219 CUI diesel inline 6 and a 516 CUI V8.


    The mod has 2 configurations, just make sure to activate the "show custom configurations" option to see them.


    219 CUI diesel inline 6

    Gavril provided a diesel inline 6 that offered less fuel consumption for the 1963 model year. But it had more flaws than advantages; it smoked a lot and it was slow. It was scrapped in 1964.

    516 CUI gasoline V8

    In 1964 Gavril made an even bigger V8 engine mainly for sport versions. The 516 CUI V8 replaced the 423 CUI V8 in police interceptor versions, drag versions, custom versions, drift versions and stock car versions. Just like the 423 CUI V8, it could be fitted with a supercharger, but it sometimes doesn't need one, because, even in the naturally aspirated configuration, it has 696 Nm of torque and ~343 hp, meaning it's fast as is. Unfortunately, this engine was short-lived, because, just two months after it's release, the Bluebuck stopped production, making it a rare engine. It's unknown how many engines were produced, but it's speculated that only around 2008 engines were produced. It's even rarer today because that engine was expensive to produce at the time, which is why it was really rare.
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