Outdated BombBoy4's Engine Pack V1.6.0.1

Many, many engines and parts to play with; my 'experiments' go here

  1. BombBoy4
    BombBoy4's Engine Pack
    This mod increases the variety of engines, intakes, powertrains, transmissions, and sounds! Many parts have meshes (like engine swaps), but some don't (like superchargers). I put a lot of effort into this to make sure it is realistic, but I am still new to designing engine parts in Blender/swapping them between cars :)
    There are over 80 new parts and 5 new sounds!

    • Barstow 663CUI Big-Block V8
    • New Pessima 2.0L Beater I4
    • Pigeon 700cc I3
    • Sunburst V6 4.5L
    • Sunburst V6 3.0L
    • Covet 2.0L I4
    • T-Series 2nd Generation L6
    • Bolide 2.9L V10
    • Old Pessima 1.8L i-VTEC I4
    • New Pessima 1.5L VTEC I4
    • 200BX 3.0L V6
    • 800/K-series 4.8L V8
    • Legran 2.8L I4
    • I-Series 1.8L I4
    • SBR4 3.0L F4
    • Bolide 4.9L V8 Flatplane
    • Old Pessima 1.5L SOHC I4
    • 800/K-series 1.5L I4
    • Miramar 1.4L I4
    • D-Series 3.7L I6
    • Old Pessima 2.0L Diesel I4
    • New Pessima 3.1L Race V6
    • Pigeon 744cc Diesel I3
    • Sunburst Electric
    • 200BX 2.4L I4
    • T-Series Heavy-Duty L6
    • Hopper 4.2L Diesel I6
    • Grand Marshal 2.3L Lima I4
    • I-Series 2.9L Tuner I4
    • DT40L Gavril TCM 8.1L Diesel
    • Sunburst 1.8L Straight Piped I4

    • Barstow DCOE Carburetor
    • T-Series T500 Turbocharger
    • Miramar Supercharger/Turbocharger (Twincharger)
    • Hopper Stage 1, 2, 3, and 4 Superchargers
    • 800/K-series V8 Sport Tuning
    • 800/K-series V8 Turbo and ttSport Turbo available only with sport tuning
    • Old Pessima Factory, Sport, Race, Super, and Drag diesel tuning
    • Old Pessima ZX, GTz, and Drag diesel turbochargers
    • New Pessima Race, Full Race, and Maximum Race V6 tuning
    • 200BX GT 2.4L I4 tuning
    • Hopper Diesel Stage 1&2 Turbochargers
    • Grand Marshal Lima Stage 1 Turbocharger

    • Covet FWD/RWD/AWD Transfer-cases
    • T-Series 18-speed + 4 reverse
    • ETK 800/K High Speed 8-speed
    • Grand Marshal Sequential 6-Speed
    • Old Pessima Race 6-Speed

    • Sunburst Electric 60Kw, 80Kw, and 100Kw Batteries
    • 200BX Normal, Sport, and Drift ESC
    • Old Pessima Race Front LSD Differential
    • D-Series Torsen Differential
    • I-Series 4WD/FWD Transfercases
    • I-Series Locked/LSD Center Differentials

    • 245/60R15 Race Rear Tires
    • Sunburst Electric Exhaust-less Rear Bumper
    • 200BX Red Brake Calipers
    • 200BX "I'm driving a stick... on a hill..." Rear Glass Sticker
    • 200BX and I-Series Aftermarket Boost Gauge
    • K-Series Wide-Angle Steering
    • Sunburst Neon Sideskirts

    • V6 sound, like a race engine, suitable for high octane cars from the 00s and 10s (INT_NOMUFF)
    • V8 crossplane sound, grittier than stock, suitable for muscle cars and V8s earlier than the 80s (EXH_NOMUFF)
    • V8 crossplane sound, more inline (;)) with what a modern V8 sounds like, suitable for sports cars (EXH_MUFF)
    • V8 flatplane sound, smoother than crossplane, has a camshaft ghost, suitable for 90s supercars (INT_NOMUFF)
    • Heavy Diesel sound, straight from a Soivet 8x8 very deep and throaty, suitable for very heavy-duty trucks (includes startup sound) (URAL)
    • 2 V6 sounds, from the default game but have no json file, so this mod adds them; currently no engine uses them but that will change sometime in the future
    Tuner 2.9L I4
    Tuned RWD Transfercase
    Tuned 5-Speed Transmission
    Tuned Flywheel
    Tuned Exhaust
    GT Brakes + Alternate Calipers
    Stock + Stage 1/2/3 ECU
    Stock + Stage 1/2/3 Bottom-End
    Stock + Stage 1/2/3 Top-End
    Stock + Stage 1/2/3 Intake
    Stage 1/2/3 Turbocharger

    Keep in mind these were all done while the mod was in beta, sound has been overhauled since multiple times.

    V8 Crossplane

    V8 Crossplane 2

    (actually this is the preview video for my upcoming mod the post-crash horn, but the car used is from this pack and uses this sound)
    V8 Flatplane

    Heavy Diesel

    Other V6s

    (The first 2 are the sounds included in the vanilla .drive installation that my mod allows access to, the 3rd one is the V6 above, and the last one is the V6 ingame that is used by vanilla .drive V6 engines)
    Known Bugs
    Red = planned fix, Yellow = WIP fix, Green = fixed for next update
    • Many configs without thumbnails or outdated thumbnails
    • Bolide 490 GTR doesn't rev to max and shift points are off
    • 200BX 3L V6 engines don't show up (Type-3 variants revert to 2L I4)
    • "Unused" vehicle showing up in selector
    • After finals are over, a hard reset is on the table, getting everything up to date and to a higher and equal level of quality, will take an unknown amount of time if that's the case
    • @BombBoy4 for importing engines, making part swaps, designing most engines, making configs
    • @Tsutarja495 for the tutorial on converting sounds from Automation and fixing a bug with some sounds not working
    • @atv_123 for suppling a homemade application to calculate ultra-realistic torque curves based on real vehicle statistics
    • @Racermon for tons of help getting the boost gauge to work and being a great friend
    • @Capkirk for running performance statistics on all V1.4 vehicles and sending in a few engines
    • @synsol for helping me upload the updates and being an awesome mod support
    • @MilanKD for Knallhart configs and general support
    • @skodakenner for suppling torque curves for some vehicles, helping me along the way
    • @NinetyNine! for the Sturbo that I ported to the Miramar
    • My beta group and Discord group for testing everything to make this as big and bug-free as possible
    • The modders in this thread, for giving tips and a base to design a Torsen diff
    • The reviewers of this mod for giving suggestions, motivation, and fact-checks
    • The devs at Automation, where I got many of the sounds from
    • The devs at Spintires, where I got the big diesel sounds from
    • The devs at Assetto Corsa, where I got engine accessory sounds (turbo, gear up/down, etc)
    • If something does not work for you, PM me or reply to the discussion, do not rate the mod.
    • If you find a bug please report it to me via PM or discussion chat so I can fix it for the next update.
    Next Update
    • Sunburst neon sideskirts now color-adjustable
    • Sunburst electric powertrain revamp
    • New configs
    • Bug fixes
    screenshot_00031.png screenshot_00032.png screenshot_00033.png screenshot_00034.png screenshot_00035.png screenshot_00024.png screenshot_00037.png

Recent Reviews

  1. ItsYourBoi
    Version: V1.6.0.1
    Perty nice mod my dude. I like the details and the sounds are amazing!
  2. Ohhi69
    Version: V1.6.0.1
    So much stuph!!!
  3. Gavril T-series
    Gavril T-series
    Version: V1.6.0.1
    It's cool mod, especially new engines for T-series (I don't really care about other vehicles :).
    Just a little suggestion: can you add some V8 or V12, like Cat 3408 (as V8) and Detroit Diesel 12v71 as V12 (in some versions it could have 900 hp beeing two stroke engine). And not only spec. of engines, but also their models.
    Make T-Series great again!
  4. diverxD
    Version: V1.6
    So much fun when building cars! WoW
  5. Riebulka
    Version: V1.5_alpha.6
    Would be nice if it had Inline 5 engine like audis or volvos had :)
    1. BombBoy4
      Author's Response
      I5s have some of the greatest sounds, I'd love to swap one in if I could model an I5 lol
      Thanks for the review :)
  6. 我大爱V8
    Version: V1.4_alpha
    It'll be better if a modern V8 engine can be added to the Grand Marshal,not I4s or V6s
    1. BombBoy4
      Author's Response
      I've been struggling to find engines for the D/H-Series, GM, and the Burnside because they all use similar engines; 3 different VIEW options covering every trim ever needed. It's been on my top-priority list to find a suitable match, but if you could help me out that would be great :)
  7. drift addict
    drift addict
    Version: V1.4_alpha
    1. BombBoy4
      Author's Response
      Much wow.
      Such fun.
  8. xxdavekxx
    Version: V1.4_alpha
    I barely touched the surface of this mod, but ive wanted power steering in this game since it first came out, and I dont know how you did it, or why its taken this long for someone to do, but that alone is 5 stars to me! Please implement this on every car you possibly can if its not too much trouble. Thank you for this VERY WELL MADE mod, and for future updates!
    1. BombBoy4
      Author's Response
      The devs have already implemented power steering into one of the vehicles, all I did was copy the file over to a few other cars lol. It's implemented on all cars that would realistically have it (I believe), but we'll see.
      Thanks for the review :)
  9. EvanTheNerd 1
    EvanTheNerd 1
    Version: V1.4_alpha
    Great Mod! One Question; Where can you find the electric motor for the Sunburst in the Parts menu?
    1. BombBoy4
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review :)
      You can find the electric engine and bumper when you select the electric unibody in the parts menu.
  10. The Raccoon
    The Raccoon
    Version: V1.4_alpha
    I love it! I really love the T-Series engine you added, and I can make more stunt clips with it! Keep up the good work brah
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