Outdated BombBoy4's Engine Pack V1.6.0.1

Many, many engines and parts to play with; my 'experiments' go here

  1. V1.5 - Latest and Greatest

    Latest and Greatest
    This update, the pack has been updated to the newest standards, and is completely compatible with Also, there's now performance statistics for (almost) every config! Thank you @Capkirk! Finally, huge thanks to @synsol, without him this update couldn't be uploaded :)
    • Performance statistics thanks to @Capkirk
    • Full 0.12 Compatibility
    • Sunburst Neon Sideskirts
    • I-Series tuning pack remake + 3 turbos
    • I-Series Alternate Brake Calipers + GT Brakes
    • K-Series Wide-Angle Steering
    • 8.1L Bus Engine
    • Update for New Pessima Race V6, now uses custom V6 sound
    • Many fixes, tuning makeovers, and remakes of configs
    • Bug fixes
    Known issues:
    • None so far :)
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