Outdated BombBoy4's Engine Pack V1.6.0.1

Many, many engines and parts to play with; my 'experiments' go here

  1. V1.6.0.1 - 1st Hotfix for V1.6

    1st Hotfix for V1.6
    A packing issue broke the last update, this update fixes that issue so the mod will load.
    • Fixed duplicate folder in zip file causing the mod to not work
    Known issues:
    • Many configs without thumbnails/outdated thumbnails
    • Bolide 490GTR has a problem with shifting and rev range
  2. V1.6 - I Hear a new Update!

    I Hear an Update
    New this update are brand new sounds and sound configs and lots of bugfixes.
    • New sounds, exported from a similar engine made in Automation
    • Bug fixes bug fixes bug fixes!
    • Created json files for some configs
    • Updated some descriptions
    • Changed name of sturbo to twincharger
    Known issues:
    • Many configs without thumbnails/outdated...
  3. V1.5 - Latest and Greatest

    Latest and Greatest
    This update, the pack has been updated to the newest standards, and is completely compatible with Also, there's now performance statistics for (almost) every config! Thank you @Capkirk! Finally, huge thanks to @synsol, without him this update couldn't be uploaded :)
    • Performance statistics thanks to @Capkirk
    • Full...
  4. V1.4 - Maximum Boost Achieved

    Maximum Boost Achieved
    This update, a boost gauge is added to two official vehicles to track your turbocharger's boost in the cab. Also, more minor tweaks to the 18-speed transmission have been made to improve haul-ability. More content is also added :)
    • Big diesel sound swap from ZIL to URAL
    • T-Series 18-speed gearing tweaks
    • Grand Marshal 2.3L Lima I4 + Turbocharger
    • Aftermarket boost...
  5. V1.3 - Hauling in an Update

    Hauling in an Update

    This update, all vehicles now have thumbnails! Also, the T-Series has gotten some long-needed love.
    • T-Series 18-speed transmission over"haul"
    • Thumbnails
    • Minor change to New Pessima I4 Beater engine
    • Hopper Diesel 4.2L I6
    • Hopper Diesel I6 Stage 1&2 Turbochargers
    • Heavy Diesel Sound
    • Electric Motor Sound
  6. V1.2 - Sounds like an Update!

    Sounds like an Update!
    This update, all custom sounds have been remade and quality-enhanced. Also, there are a few new features to everyone's favorite drift car!

    • D-Series Torsen Front/Rear Differentials
    • Modern V8 Sound
    • Increased Sample Count for all sounds to 8k RPM
    • All custom sound engine soundConfigs...
  7. Update 1.1 - More and Less

    More and Less
    Thanks to everyone's feedback, V1.1 fixes many issues and complaints. Many engines have had their torque curve tweaked (hence the name more and less).


    • Added many configurations for the Sunburst 3L V6
    • Added many configurations for the Moonhawk DCOE carburetor
    • Added a new configuration for the Bolide 4.9L engine
    • Added a few new configurations for the...
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