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Alpha BombBoy4's Engine Pack V1.4_alpha

Many, many engines and parts to play with; my 'experiments' go here

  1. V1.4 - Maximum Boost Achieved

    Maximum Boost Achieved
    This update, a boost gauge is added to two official vehicles to track your turbocharger's boost in the cab. Also, more minor tweaks to the 18-speed transmission have been made to improve haul-ability. More content is also added :)
    • Big diesel sound swap from ZIL to URAL
    • T-Series 18-speed gearing tweaks
    • Grand Marshal 2.3L Lima I4 + Turbocharger
    • Aftermarket boost...
  2. V1.3 - Hauling in an Update

    Hauling in an Update

    This update, all vehicles now have thumbnails! Also, the T-Series has gotten some long-needed love.
    • T-Series 18-speed transmission over"haul"
    • Thumbnails
    • Minor change to New Pessima I4 Beater engine
    • Hopper Diesel 4.2L I6
    • Hopper Diesel I6 Stage 1&2 Turbochargers
    • Heavy Diesel Sound
    • Electric Motor Sound
  3. V1.2 - Sounds like an Update!

    Sounds like an Update!
    This update, all custom sounds have been remade and quality-enhanced. Also, there are a few new features to everyone's favorite drift car!

    • D-Series Torsen Front/Rear Differentials
    • Modern V8 Sound
    • Increased Sample Count for all sounds to 8k RPM
    • All custom sound engine soundConfigs...
  4. Update 1.1 - More and Less

    More and Less
    Thanks to everyone's feedback, V1.1 fixes many issues and complaints. Many engines have had their torque curve tweaked (hence the name more and less).


    • Added many configurations for the Sunburst 3L V6
    • Added many configurations for the Moonhawk DCOE carburetor
    • Added a new configuration for the Bolide 4.9L engine
    • Added a few new configurations for the...