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Beta Boomerang Race Track 1.2

High speed compatable

  1. Update #2

    Fixed the flickering line issues.
    • Some road lines were flickering. they should all be fixed with this update.
    • There was also a line going over tire stacks, so that's fixed too.
  2. Update #1

    In this update,
    • I reduced the bump going into and out of the pit lane.
    • Added speed limits to turns as well as lines to suggest braking if you haven't already.
    • Signs to let you know how to get to places on the map.
    • I made more progress on the off road track.
    • Added more safety barriers and walls
    • added an entrance to the pit lane from the parking lot areas.
    Known Bugs:
    • Some lines might flicker. I'm working on this because it only happens when the map...
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