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Bossman Funride RS 2010

A sport hatchback

  1. Freylinia
    This is the 2010 Funride RS from Bossman Auto Industries.

    Wheel Base : 83.7 inch
    Length : 133.75 inch
    Width : 60.97 inch
    Chassis : AHS steel monocoque / Fibre glass panels
    Drivetrain : Front longitudinal AWD
    Gearbox : 6 Speed sequential
    Suspension : Double wishbone (F) / Double wishbone (R)

    Engine : Single pointt EFI Turbocharged 1600cc Inline 4
    Redline : 7400 RPM
    Power : 220hp @ 7400 RPM


    1. 2010FunrideRSMagazine.jpg
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