Outdated Brake Glow Mod 1.2

Ah that's hot! The brakes can now SMOOTHLY glow on all default game cars

  1. Basically overhauled the entire mod, Glow now via HTML

    I've basically gone ahead and changed the way the entire mod works!
    Thanks to @13Stewartc for explaining how @aljowen 's manifold glow code works and giving out the html as a base to work on, I was able to eliminate the "stages" in the glowing of the brakes.

    However, this has it's limitations. Due to it being HTML, the glow texture can't be transparent on top of the...
  2. Added support for the Wendover, Added new LeGran brakes

    I did exactly what the title says. The Wendover is now supported and the LeGran brakes work as they should.
    Have fun!
  3. Fixed missing brake calipers on Ibishu Covet

    There was an issue with the brake calipers being assigned to the wrong noder group, thus preventing them to show up.
    This has been fixed now
    Report if you notice any more issues, please send me a DMto do so
  4. Bugfix regarding Vivace rally brakes

    There was a bit of code for the Vivace's front rally brake discs missing, causing them to not work. That's been fixed now. Sorry for the inconvenience
  5. Fixed mod compatibility

    The mod is now up to date with the current version of BeamNG and doesnt (shouldn't) cause issues any longer!
    I might have fixed the one or another bug regarding the glow not showing on one side.

    If you experience any more issues regarding the brakes, please report it via DMing me!!
    Just so that I know of the issue and can fix it.
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