Beta BRC Utah Quickraces 1.0

Five rally stages on dirt roads and one dirt circuit race, designed for the BRC.

  1. Excrubulent
    These races are made for use in the Beam Rally Championship, you can find our Discord server here:

    These tracks are mostly finished, but I need to revise some of the prop placement on the first few courses because my methods improved as I made these. I also need to go through and add reverse spawnpoints, and test the tracks in reverse. The trackside barriers are mainly designed to help drivers with otherwise blind corners & hills, as well as prevent corner cutting in a few cases, but in reverse there will be a bunch more blind spots that I haven't noticed, so there's a bit of work to do still before these are complete.

    Dirt Course 1: Abandoned Mine


    A lapped race starting at the abandoned mine. You can take the jump over the dry riverbed flat-out, but watch your speed on the step-down or you'll overshoot the hairpin.

    Dirt Stage 1: River Valley


    A long & fast all-dirt rally stage starting at the top of the dry river valley and following it by dirt all the way to the end of the water. This stage forms a big loop together with Dirt Stage 2.

    Dirt Stage 2: Ancient Gates


    A long all-dirt rally stage featuring both fast sections and a lot of tight, technical corners, this starts at the bottom end of the river and follows dirt roads up the mountain between huge mesas and past the abandoned reduction mill. This stage forms a big loop together with Dirt Stage 1.

    Dirt Stage 3: On-Road/Off-Road


    A short night stage finishing at the river, mostly dirt with a shortcut over possibly the sketchiest backroad in Utah.

    Dirt Stage 4: Dirty Detour


    The bridge is out, but we can still make it! Follow the river!

    Dirt Stage 5: Cliffside


    Get from one parking lot to another, in the most dangerous way possible. This tight, technical and did I mention dangerous stage is only for those possessed of a unique combination of talent, bravery and stupidity. In other words, rally drivers.

    Our safety officer, Cheri, had this to say: "You need to keep the death toll in the single digits this year, or your sponsors will drop you. The concrete barriers you've added aren't exactly solidly mounted, and the false sense of security they create is in itself a hazard. I suppose they provide a visual aid, but you could've done that with mesh barriers. I swear it's like you're trying to kill people."

    Our lawyer, Stan, said, "Don't publish that, are you crazy?! Wait, are you recording me right now?"

    Hilarious! We have fun here at BRC, and we hope you do too.

    Also, this is the first stage description that does not mention the river.

Recent Reviews

  1. drift addict
    drift addict
    Version: 1.0
    1. Excrubulent
      Author's Response
      Thank you!
  2. NeonUFO
    Version: 1.0
    Love the tracks!
    1. Excrubulent
      Author's Response
      Thanks Neon!
  3. KaiserimnopYT
    Version: 1.0
    thats pretty nice
    1. Excrubulent
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