Outdated Brentstrom 1.0

A new map for seriously testing cars at high speed driving or just to cruse and enjoy the view.

  1. JonnyTaunton
    What is this map?

    This is a early build of a map I'm working on where you can seriously test the way the car handles at a high speed due to the elevation changes in the road. You can also just cruse around the map and enjoy the view and enjoy your car.
    You say this is an early build, What problems are there?
    Well to be blunt, A few. Let me list them
    Known problems in this build
    • The going can be quite tough in a few places and the road can be a bit un-smooth
    • You spawn in the ground but the game pushes you out after a second
    • Probably a few more undiscovered ones...
    Sounds like a bit...
    It is and I cant deny that but it is perfectly playable if a bit sparse at the moment. I have committed to this project fully however and once I feel that I can remove the beta from its name is the point when I can call this done.
    You said "... if a bit sparse ..." implying there will be more things later?
    Haha, we will have to see what the future holds. At the moment I'm more concerned about fixing it.
    I will give this a go. It is free and you sound committed.
    This is my first map as well so thank you!
    Is there any images?
    Of course my friend :)
    So you have updated your map?

    You bet!, let me list the new things with this map for you:
    • Roads are smoother meaning that you don't have to crawl around at 30mph
    • Improved forest for improved placement and fps
    • Fixed the spawn location
    • Tidyed up some of the textures
    A few things then. Is this it, are you done now?
    No, not quite I have a few more things that I want to do the map before I can call it v1.0. However, it is still getting even closer.;
    Any new updated images?
    Is the sky blue?
    Another new update then?

    Yep you better believe it!
    What's new in this version?

    As usual, let me list them for you:
    • New sand on the coast.
    • Improved camber on the roads to help navigating corners at speed
    • Rocks and signs scattered around the place
    • New rally track/ road
    • Day/Night cycle (removed due to errors in map making)
    Any images for this update?
    Are you asking this to wind me up?
    Wow, there's now a extra .1 on there. What's it for?

    Well when I was making the v0.3 update, I added a Day/Night cycle feeling that it would be fairly cool but during that session it showed no problems and there was nothing wrong. It was only for some reason after I booted up the map after re-starting the map, the Day/Night cycle started working and doing what it does and I really hated it and I felt many other people would agree with my view so I removed it.
    That it?
    So no need for new images?
    No, not really. Its just the same map just without Day/Night cycle, which is a feature that I didn't show off either. But there is now a video courtesy of davidinark :
    Well here we are. v0.1. Is this the end for Brentstrom for now?

    Unfortunately it is. In the write up for v0.1 I said "I have committed to this project fully however and once I feel that I can remove the beta from its name is the point when I can call this done." And to be honest now, I think I can call this done. However if there are any bugs left and I fix them look for a v1.x.x update
    So what now?
    Well I have a few new maps lined up but my main priority at the moment is working on Davithton now and getting that done
    Whats new in this update?
    Not much really. A bit of smoothing and tidying around the edges and a new image on the level select and that's that really. But there is also a video review of this map courtesy of WhyBeAre:

    (Partrasia Raceway:http://www.beamng.com/resources/partrasia-raceway.1559/)
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Recent Reviews

  1. iller
    Version: 1.0
    this map messed up evrything in beamng. no maps can be seen anymore. after deleting brentstorm, everything works again.
    1. JonnyTaunton
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the message, I believe this could be due to the 0.8 update, I'll change the tag to say outdated and I don't feel this will be updated in a good while
  2. 23NICO03
    Version: 1.0
    you said blunt at the top. downloaded.
    1. JonnyTaunton
      Author's Response
      Lol thanks XD
  3. marclow2612
    Version: 1.0
    Not bad! Try making a Nurburgring style track matbe?
    1. JonnyTaunton
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review, and I'm actually working on a new racetrack but it will be out later than I hoped because the computer I work on has died and the tempry replacement can't even open beamng XD
  4. Jsap20
    Version: 0.3
    good Map But Please post the photos in the description because viral images can have bad things on them if a little child was using this...
    1. JonnyTaunton
      Author's Response
      Lol, ok will start to do that in future
  5. CaptanW
    Version: 0.3
    Nice work. You have done lots better. I also sent a pm if you need help!
    1. JonnyTaunton
      Author's Response
      Lol thanks for the response :) and I pm'd you back
  6. Bison
    Version: 0.1
    Honestly a great start to a what I'm assuming is going to be a great map. Nice for a quick rally, or a Sunday drive.
    1. JonnyTaunton
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the 5/5 and nice comment :) Its still early days but its got the fundamental shape. Trees and smoother roads are a few of the few things coming in v0.2
  7. MKPanther
    Version: 0.1
    Good map! it is FPS Friendly?
    1. JonnyTaunton
      Author's Response
      Fairly at the moment, Still learning the ropes about making maps but v0.2 should be more fps friendly and more ironed out in general :) Thanks for the 5/5 rating btw !
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