Beta British Emergency Services Pack 1.1

British Emergency response vehicles for some BeamNG vehicles.

  1. Updated Skins + Added 2 New Ones!

    So I decided to add 2 more skins, and I wanted to update some more.
    - Edited all Metropolitan skins decals, so they look more like the IRL ones.
    Pictures shown below are just some of them, as I was too lazy to spawn them all in.
    284160_20210402222224_1.png 284160_20210402222229_1.png 284160_20210402222238_1.png

    - Updated 2 of the Interceptor liveries to look more like their IRL counterpart.

    284160_20210402221314_1.png 284160_20210402221321_1.png 284160_20210402221436_1.png

    - Added 2 new main...
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