Beta Bruckell eBastion 2.1a

EV version of the Bastion

  1. Game Performance Improvements

    - Optimized cornering lights lua to be more fps friendly
    - Added option to turn off cornering light fade to save fps
    Available as a slot under the front bumper:
  2. Cornering Lights

    - Added cornering light function and made fog lights work correctly
  3. Suspension & Motor Rework

    - Added custom emotor control:
    - Introduced 1-Pedal driving
    - Introduced realistic motor regen curve
    - Introduced smoother regen logic when turning
    - Added settings for regeneration: Normal, Reduced, Off
    > Found in Radial Menu under Powertrain​
    - Added settings for stop mode: Assisted, Crawling, Normal
    > Found in Radial Menu under Powertrain​
    - Added variable regen level based on drive modes​
    - Retuned motors
    - Introduced ECUs for...​
  4. Fixes & Improvements

    - Changed suspension parts for some configs
    - Stiffened existing suspension parts
    - Fixed 100kWh battery having wrong capacity
    - Fixed weight distribution > improved handling
    - Generated config info files
  5. More Content

    - Added eBastion front bumper by @LJ74

  6. Materials fix

    Fixed Sport gauges not having material
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