Unsupported Bruckell eGran 2.1

The best EV-Tech 1985 has to offer! Lead-Acid and Brushed Motors!

  1. Minor Fixes

    Otto von Biscuit
    - All Transmissions Converted from Floorshifter to Columnshifter.
    - Work on the car has now Resumed

    -Potentially upcoming stuff (No Guarantee):
    - Custom Dashboard
    - Proper Regenerative Braking.
  2. Coupe. Period. Less Steel, More Speed.

    Otto von Biscuit
    >Added Synsols Coupe Body and Rollcage
    >No configs as of yet but it has a second body option now
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  3. The update that finally adds some high voltage class to the eGran

    Otto von Biscuit
    > Added sDrive Luxury Config.
    > Added sDrive Motor
    > Added eDrive Transmission 310.
    > Renamed some parts
    > Removed Petrol engine options.
  4. Custom Models! Also very Efficient!

    Otto von Biscuit
    > SushiPro made a motor and Frunk model
    > Adds even more amazingness to the car
  5. New Configs. 81% Efficient

    Otto von Biscuit
    > Added Configs.
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