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Bruckell Firehawk V12

Not your everyday vehicle

  1. 0.16 Compatibility update

    In this update
    • Updated parts to fit the Moonhawk's new design
    screenshot_2019-05-19_14-26-06.jpg screenshot_2019-05-19_14-34-49.jpg
    • Updated jbeam using new types added in 0.16
    • Updated engine audio system
    • Bug fixes
  2. 1.2 Hotfix

    What's new ?
    • Fixed clutch issues using a more up-to-date method
    • Fixed Powerglow skin
    • Bug fixes
  3. 0.14/0.15 Compatibility update

    What's New ?
    • New "Firehawk Powerglow" config usable both in Freeroam and light Runner races
    • Fixed right tire orientation on the front front left wheel
    • Other bug fixes and improvements
    If you encounter any bug with the mod, please let me know by reporting it on the thread or via PM. Enjoy !
  4. Bug fixes - new gauges

    Disclaimer : there is no AWD/6WD in this update or the next ones, there is an engine in the way and I'm after realism (ish) with this mod. I don't want to call it AWD if there's nothing driving the wheels.

    What's new ?
    • New gauges that actually display the speed you're going at (reminder : the engine only goes up to 3000 RPM, it's a plane engine not a race engine. I won't change this)
    screenshot_00513.png ...​
  5. More fixes

    Removed duplicated parts from the Moonhawk, fixed jbeam
  6. Pre release bug fixes

    Removed "Rolls Royce" on the engine while we wait for an authorisation from the brand.
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