Bruckell LeGran Coupe & Convertible (and many new parts) 2.07

Coupe and Convertible version of the LeGran , with Turbo , Roll Cage , Tinted Glass and other stuffs

  1. synsol
    Bruckell LeGran Coupe & Convertible :

    This is the LeGran Coupe and Convertible.It have it's own modified jbeam and mesh, multiple new parts are also included.

    A large selection of presets are included from the base model to Drag V6TT version with 670PS on front wheels ...

    convertible_V6tt_custom.png convertible_v6tt_tuned_synsol.png coupe_sport_v6_A.png coupe_v6tt_tuned_synsol.png

    Thanks to @CaptanW for his video :)

    Updated 24/04/2019:

    2.0 Update :

    • updated to 0.15.x game version
    • updated mesh (now the same length that the sedan)
    • updated jbeam
    • updated configs

    1.0 Update :

    New Features :

      • Convertible Version :

      • Front bumper Kit (with removable grille :

      • Front Fascia with removable grille :

      • TwinTurbo chargers for V6 with Intercooler (250, 300, 400 and 670PS for 3.8 V6) :

      • Chromed twin exhaust tips :

      • Roll Cage for Coupe :

      • Sport Seats with 3 colors :

      • Tinted Glass (Normal or Dark) with choice of trim including a new full painted Trim, available for all body :

    Known bugs:
    • jbeam still need improvement (some seats stretch on hard crashs)
    • normals need to be adjusted
    • no windows for convertible yet
    • there a hole on the floor of the convertible (rust?)
    • no 3rd Stop light

    Credits :
    BeamNG : for the original mesh and Jbeam
    @Bernd : for his huge help with meshes
    @SergentFido : for his huge help with meshes too
    Me : Jbeam and mesh edits

    A (nice) comment / review is always appreciated.

    My other Mods :


    1. screenshot_01395.png
    2. screenshot_01396.png
    3. luxe_coupe_v6_A.png
    4. se_coupe_i4_A.png
    5. sport_coupe_v6_A.png
    6. v6_coupe_custom.png
    7. screenshot_01399.png
    8. screenshot_01400.png
    9. screenshot_01403.png
    10. screenshot_01407.png
    11. screenshot_01401.png
    12. screenshot_01421.png
    13. convertible_luxe_v6_A.png
    14. convertible_se_i4_A.png
    15. convertible_sport_v6_A.png
    16. coupe_luxe_v6_A.png
    17. coupe_se_i4_A.png
    18. coupe_v6tt_custom.png
    19. coupe_v6tt_drag_synsol.png

Recent Reviews

  1. ThreeDTech21
    Version: 2.07
    One of the best mods
  2. TheX
    Version: 2.07
    Love this mod. But I don't like that it's now a separated car. Now it's not possible to use custom parts on the sedan, or install parts from other mods on the coupe or convetible.
    1. synsol
      Author's Response
      the shape of the original car has been changed, I will rework my mod in the future , this is just a hotfix ;)
    Version: 2.06
    This car is a BLAST ! :)
  4. adreeen
    Version: 2.06
    It's a great mod, nice looking and everything, but the last update for the game broke the front suspension on the car. Since it is front wheel drive, it can't be driven anymore. The the steering shakes like crazy, which makes the wheels de-attach.
  5. BMG_PLR54
    Version: 2.06
    I love the mod! It makes the car look all menacing! If there is a next update could you add a european rear bumper?
  6. Kueso
    Version: 2.06
    almost a Lebaron lol
    i can just hear the creepy Lebaron voice from over hear
    overall, great work! I didnt think this would get updated at all, but i was mistaken.
    Thanks for your work Synsol!
  7. loba04
    Version: 2.02
    Chrysler K-platform intesifies. now we only need a stupid fake wood trim and external rear spare tyre for the convertible
  8. Sierra-3
    Version: 2.02
    Great update! Quality has improved (no more crazy front camber or overheating rear brakes while sitting still) but I liked the shorter versions better. They had a snappier handling, while the new one just feels like the sedan. Great improvements but lost a little something in the process.
    1. synsol
      Author's Response
      thanks, moving to the long wheelbase was a hard decision, that I took after seeing that technically irl they may have the same length, thanks for the support in any case :)
    Version: 2.01
    Sorry if I am being rude leaving such a poor rating, but when ever I in install this mod in to the game the LeGran does not spawn. any solutions to this problem or, is a known bug?
    1. synsol
      Author's Response
      it's related to a conflicting mod :(
  10. AurimasSSSR
    Version: 2.01
    Mod good, but you forgot trumbnail update.
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