Alpha Buffalord Grizzly 1.0

A tame monster of a 4x4 combing sport with luxury compacted in a 4x4

    This is a well rounded and tough 4x4 capable of smooth and swift offroading and will be an essential part of any offroading adventure. it is a fun big ol truck and would love to join you on Beamng. it was well thought out though it lacks an interior the car runs well and is incredibly tough yet also reasonable for destruction. (you can pm me for improvements on discord @Toxic_WarCat#4878)

    Top speed: 240kmph-149.1mph.
    Power: 344hp 0-100kph/60mph 7.99s @6300rpm RedLine @7100rpm
    Weight:2445kg-5390.3lbs with a 3150kg-6944.56lbs tow capacity 1564.1kg-3448.25lbs load capacity
    Transmission: Advanced Automatic
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