Burnside Racing Parts 1.0416

Some parts for the Burnside Special.

  1. .nokau
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    This mod adds​
    • Exterior Parts
      • Fenders (Tall), a set of fenders with 5 cm taller wheel arches
      • Burnside Racing Parts, under additional modification
        • Plate Spoiler Trunk, taken from Barstow
        • Roll Cage/Chopped & Channeled Roll Cage, taken from Bluebuck
        • JATO Liquid Fuel Rockets, from the bus, with the same default control.
    • Interior Parts
      • Front Race Seats
    • Shifter
      • 6-Speed Manual Floor Shifter
    • Engine & Parts
      • 313 CUI 'Turbo-Fleet' V8 Engine (Tuned), uses the internals and intakes of the 423 CUI V8
      • 423 CUI 'Megathrust' V8 Engine (Tuned), more engine braking
      • Four-Barrel Super Carburetor, an intake that boosts the engine a little further than the vanilla Four-Barrel Carburetor
      • Side exhausts
    • Transmissions
      • 5-Speed/6-Speed Manual Race Transmission
      • 4-Speed/5-Speed/6-Speed Sport'O-Matic Transmission, these come with built in shifters; use these with the body's Shifter slot empty.
        • Sport'O-Matic Torque Converter
    • Front Suspension Parts
      • Lowered Front Springs (Adjustable)
      • Lowered Steering Box (Wide Angle)/(Quick Ratio)
      • Live Axle Rear Suspension (Tuned)
        • Rear Sway Bar (Tuned)
    • Rear Suspension Parts
      • Lowered Rear Leaf Springs (Adjustable)
      • Race Rear Leaf Springs (Adjustable Rate)
      • Rally Rear Leaf Springs (Adjustable Rate)
    • Tires for 15x6 Wheels
      • 165/100R15 Standard/Sport Whitewall Tires
      • 165/100R15 Standard/Sport Tires
    • Disc Brakes
      • Front/Rear Disc Brakes (Plain), non-racing disc brakes
      • Race Front/Rear Disc Brakes (Plain), slightly more cooled
    • 1 Paint job design
      • Number Eight
    • 5 Configurations
      • Rally Eight (M)
      • Number Right(M)
      • Super Eight (M)
      • Crazy Eight (A)
      • Rocket Eight (M)

    Not necessarily would any of the parts improve the car's handling but add slightly more variables to play with.
    The configs were made based on my preference at the time of making, so you'd want to adjust them to suit your driving style.

    Feel free tweaking the mod around to your usage or liking.

    Check out zschmeez's gearbox mods for more Burnside gearboxes.

Recent Reviews

  1. TMccanna
    Version: 1.0411
    Very nice and well made mod, the burnside needs more parts and probably a revamp by this point, one problem tho is that the single exhaust still smokes like it has dual exhaust
  2. Its_Ya_Boi_Balto
    Version: 1.0411
    Very Nice, I still have problems with break fade tho, but still better then vanilla. I guess I've simply made too OP of an build. Id love to see some racing whitewalls and a tachometer would be great
  3. Not-so-Polski
    Version: 1.0411
    Amazing mod, the only improvement I can think is the drop down menu for additional modifications.

    So my Burnside build uses a turbo mod, but I would love to add the roll cage. Trouble is I can't because I would lose the turbo.

    Is it possible to move the roll cage selection to the main body menu?

    Many Thanks!!
  4. mhegai
    Version: 1.0410
    the mod is still good.

    Im seeing you are making lot of mods around the burnside and miramar. an inline-8 for the burnside would be cool for its own mod
  5. mhegai
    Version: 1.0400
    side exhausts, already worth 5 stars.
  6. Lexus RC-F
    Lexus RC-F
    Version: 1.038
    Wanted something like this for a while. Well Done!!!
  7. Forward Motion
    Forward Motion
    Version: 1.037
    Uh, Sir? You have just gifted the Beam community with something much needed. This is truly amazing.
  8. Xupaun
    Version: 1.036
    This mod is wonderful. Is it possible to add a Roll Cage to it?
  9. Nacho Problem
    Nacho Problem
    Version: 1.036
  10. G-Farce
    Version: 1.035
    How the hell does this only have 5 ratings? Wheres the other 45?
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