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Burnside Racing Parts 1.035

Some parts for the Burnside Special.

  1. [1.035] Two more configs

    • Add 2 configurations
    • Add Rally Rear Leaf Springs (Adjustable Rate)
    • Change race transmissions' default values
    • Change some adjustable springs' display names
    • New thumbnails
  2. [1.034] jbeam file names change, replacing old configs and more.

    • jbeam file names reworked
    • Four-Barrel Super Carburetor torque values changed
    • Side Exhausts are integrated into a subpart.
    • Add 2 new configurations, replacing Track Racing (M), Racing (M), and Racing Chopped (M)
    • Add new disc brakes, using models from the game's common files, replacing the mod's old brakes
      disc_1s.jpg disc_2s.jpg
  3. [1.032]

    This update adds:
    • A new paintjob
      • Number Eight, with brand logos from Bluebuck's racing liveries.
    • A new config
      • Track Racing (M)
    • Two adjustable manual gearboxes
      • 5-Speed/6-Speed Manual Race Transmission
    • Slightly stickier tires for Burnside's default steel wheels (15x6 5-Slot Steel Wheels)
      • 165/100R15 Standard/Sport Tires
      • 165/100R15 Standard/Sport Whitewall Tires
  4. [1.02] Adjustable Rear Leaf Springs

    • Add a rear leaf springs option "Rear Leaf Springs Adjustable" with adjustable spring rate
  5. [1.01] Bug Fix and New Thumbnails

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