Burnside Super Special Coupe 1.0382

The Super Special Coupe for the Super Special You!

  1. [1.0382] Carpet updated, chopped and channeled coupe

    • Matched with current version(v0.23)
      • Re-mapped the UV of the bodies'(non-chopped) carpeted parts and applied the new carpet material
    • Added Chopped and Channeled Coupe Body/Body Type II
    • Updated the config Super Lead Sled (M) to Super Lead Sled Coupe (M)
  2. [1.0381] Game version v0.23, PBR, UV

    • Updated the included textures and materials for PBR
    • Adjusted UV fitting current version textures
    • Updated config info
    • Updated config thumbnails
  3. [1.037] Game version v0.22

    • Matched some node weights found in the current version
    • Minor model adjustments to the rear side windows
    • Updated the configs to use the type 2 body
    • Updated config info
  4. moderation: fix (1.036)

  5. [1.035] Rear glass re-worked

    • Node/beam adjustments to the rear side glass, they break more properly now and add a slight weight when equipped
    • Added Police Livery Coupe paint job design
    • Added Coupe Police configuration
  6. [1.034] Add Coupe Body Type 2

    • Add Coupe Body Type 2, this body has no rear quarter windows
  7. [1.0331] Add a loading screen image, minor changes

    • Add a loading screen image
    • Configuration info updated
    • Thumbnails updated
  8. [1.033] New thumbnails, model cleanup, minor changes.

    • Coupe body mesh cleanup
      • Decided to clean up leftover faces that were the sections of the rear doors
    • I close the gap of the rear quarter windows trims to the body as well.
    • Hood Badge and Lettering now divide into 2 subparts
    • New thumbnails
    • Updated config Info
  9. [1.032] Body UV adjustment.

    Very minor UV adjustments to the coupe body.
  10. [1.031] Missing Windshield and Rear Glass

    Just found out the coupe body's missing the windshield and the rear glass.
    • Adds "Windshield" slot
    • Adds "Backlight" slot
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