Burnside Wagon Body 1.023

A wagon body for the Burnside Special.

  1. .nokau
    01.jpg 02.jpg 03.jpg
    This is my version of a wagon body for the Burnside Special.

    This mod adds
    • Wagon Body with dedicated parts(Rear Doors, Rear Seat, Glass, Tailgates)
    • Roof Bars Wagon
    • Taxi Sign Wagon
    • Nitrous Oxide Injection Wagon
    • 3 configurations, Wagon (A), Taxi (M), Police (A)
    • 4 additional skins
      • Wagon 2-Tone, shown in the pictures above
      • Wagon 2-Tone Body
      • Sedan 2-Tone
      • Wagon police livery

    Skin Stuff
    Skipping the basics here.
    For actual skin tutorials check out the forum or the official wiki:
    [Introduction_to_skin_system] [Simple_skin_tutorial] [Glass skin tutorial]

    UV References
    • 2ndUV_body.png
    • 2ndUV_roof.png
    How this work
    • To my understanding, all the materials of a vehicle can be assigned to a same globalSkin value of a paint job design. Shown in the Glass skin tutorial.
    • For this mod, the wagon body has 2 materials:
      • burnside
      • burnside_wagroof
    How To
    • jbeam
      • Make it like you normally would, notice the globalSkin value at line 9
    • materials.cs/json
      • In this example, the globalSkin value is "newskin" at line 9 of the jbeam shown in the picture above. So we add a material "burnside.skin.newskin"
      • Now copy that and paste it below, then change it to "burnside_wagroof.skin.newskin"
        materialcs_how.jpg materialjson_how.jpg
      • Finally, link your textures, body to "burnside" and roof to "burnside_wagroof"
    Further Skin Notes
    • For all reasons above, some sedan skins might need tweaking to work the most properly if having graphics above the chrome trim below the windows.
    • Parts of the body's UVs are more offset to the sedan body, especially the roof/trunk/rear side windows sections.
    • UVs at the top of the rear fins of the wagon body is pretty cramped.
    • The rear/trunk side UVs is also different than the sedan body.

    Feel free tweaking the mod to your usage and liking


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    2. 05.jpg
    3. 06.jpg
    4. 07.jpg
    5. 08.jpg
    6. 09.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. AdamZ5
    Version: 1.023
    awesome mod, great job! could you add a van version with covered rear windows?
  2. Nacho Problem
    Nacho Problem
    Version: 1.023
    I love the design of this
  3. YeeBoyWill
    Version: 1.023
  4. undergroundleo
    Version: 1.0222
    This mod is a must if you like old cars! Gorgeous design and shape! This mod should be Game Default Content for sure... is THAT good...
  5. CarTurbo
    Version: 1.0222
    So cool! Plz more versions!
  6. Not-so-Polski
    Version: 1.0211
    Fantastic looking wagon body!
  7. francisco998d
    Version: 1.0211
    good!, looks like the rco ruskco of my summer car for me xD
  8. Belvedere58
    Version: 1.0211
  9. Speedy_Alex77
    Version: 1.021
    This mod is in the top of the best mods of BeamNG.
  10. CarTurbo
    Version: 1.021
    looks beautiful!
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