Capsule 2.2.2

A capsule-shaped double-decker (and single-decker) bus

  1. Some fixes

    • Fixed the slight deformation of the lower deck ceiling after spawning
    • Improved the deformation of the driver seat
    • Added support of animated GIF displaying feature of the Bus Display Controller app
  2. Hotfix

    Fixed the brake pedal behaviour
  3. 2-axle single deck variant

    • Added 12-metre 2-axle single deck variant
    • Updated the headlight beam pattern
    • Rear electric axle for the electric variant
    • The fuel tank slot and the battery slot are now merged
    • Added support of image displaying feature of the Bus Display...
  4. More seats for the single deck variant, head-up display

    • Added more seats to the single deck variant
    • Added head-up display (can be turned on and off by pressing shift+H)
    • The gauge screen unit choice, odometer data and HUD on/off setting are now saved in %localappdata%\\0.25\settings\capsule\gauges.json
      • The default units setting in the tuning menu is now removed
    • Added support of multi-phase display feature of the Bus Display Controller app
  5. Single deck variant

    • Added single deck variant
    • The doors and wheelchair ramps can now be opened individually
    • Added vehicle triggers in the interior
    • The paint design slot is now under the body slot
    • The slotType name of paint design is now changed for different body type:
    (which means skin mods for this bus need to be...​
  6. Hybrid and electric variants

    • Added hybrid and electric variants (both require the Arcanox Core to work)
    • The units of the gauge screen can now be toggled with U key
      • The default units can be changed in the tuning menu
    • Added seat skin options
    • Fixed wheelchair ramps folding in wrong direction...
  7. Several fixes

    Merged RHD and LHD variants into 1 vehicle
    Updated the thumbnails
    Added options of the amount of dummies
    Rework of sitting dummies' jbeam; increased stability of dummies without seatbelts
    Strengthened the roof
    Updated the glass damage effect
    Fixed spikes after removing the rear rear axle
    Brightened the powerglow skin
    Added option to disable rear steering
    Fixed stairs wobbling
    Added retarder (thanks @DaddelZeit for the LUA code)
  8. Removed some base game files as requested

    Removed some base game files as requested
  9. Model fix

    Model fix
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