Car Config pack 5

A pack that adds a decent amount of new cars to the game

  1. Fast1029384756J
    Basically some new configs that add to the game, some are from dpmp and were made by @Djplopper the rest from now on will be made by me, the ones from dpmp have dpmp in there file name.

    if there are any bugs/questions, report them in the discussion tab
    and yes i need therapy

    the bolide update, this update took me awhile
    4.2L V8 has a different engine noise

    Barstow has updated thumbnails but the i-series doesn't but will be fixed eventually

    new regular 390 bolide models and 420 models

    new supercharged, turbocharged, and twincharged (a twincharger is a supercharger and a turbocharger) versions of the bolide with the 4.2L v8, additionally you can put them on regular bolide engines but they may not be able to handle it

    tweaked older models from dpmp

    the d-series should work again

    hope you guys enjoy the new update


    1. track.png
    2. sbr.png
    3. sahara.png
    4. royale.png
    5. rally.png
    6. nomi.png
    7. etk.png
    8. drift.png
    9. drag.png
    10. daytonavenom.png
    11. 2.png
    12. 1.png

Recent Updates

  1. Bolide update
  2. Etk i-series update
  3. Barstow update

Recent Reviews

  1. jukiothedrg
    Version: 5
    a must have
  2. truckman
    Version: 4.1
  3. nowysen
    Version: 2.0
    I just changed my mind about it. That's great!
    1. Fast1029384756J
  4. KaiserimnopYT
    Version: 1.7
    thanks so much
  5. SubaruSVX
    Version: 1.5
    Thank you so much, but I don't see a discussion tab.
    1. Fast1029384756J
      Author's Response
      interesting, i'll look into that and see if i can change that. glad you liked the mod
  6. Djplopper
    Version: 1
    For everyone wondering, DPMP content is free to use by anybody since is something I will never touch again, with a little more polishing this mod could be a fix for DPMP, some of the configs of the old mod are so far gone that is basically impossible to reuse them, they should be completely redesigned. I hope this mod gets updated to be more close to what DPMP was. Keep up the good work!
    1. Fast1029384756J
      Author's Response
      thanks, i have more plans for this but i wanted to update it since they're were to many broken configs.
  7. Inline6lover26
    Version: 1
    Thank you!
  8. GOP228(Андрей)
    Version: 1
  9. nowysen
    Version: 1
    Just reuploaded WBIMP. Also, you got a permission for reuploading?
    1. Fast1029384756J
      Author's Response
      the original mod says you can use the configs to keep the mod alive, i have other plans but wanted to get this out since i've never made a mod, one of the moderators said it was ok so i think its fine
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