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Beta Car Games V1.0.5

A collection of Mini-Games including medals and trophies to be won

  1. More fixes

    Misc fixes round 5:
    • Cara Darts 2:1 - Fixed HTML file not displaying that there are two 2x powerups
    • Car Curling 2:2 - Fixed red pigeon not activating 2x powerup
    • Car Targets 2:4 - Fixed a blue target given incorrect scores
    • Cue Games 3:3 - Added a line into the HTML file to tell you about the order being displayed on the table ahead.
    • Car Targets 3:1 and Car Targets 3:4 - Fixed blue planet having black rings which do not show up in the space levels.
    • Airborne 3:5 -...
  2. A few fixes + feedback

    Few more fixes I missed in the last update:
    • Changed portal design
    • Fixed intro screen scores for car darts: plummet
    • Fixed intro screen grammar for car targets: zero-gravity
    • Snooker-balls are a lot more stronger to prevent them from deflating so it is possible to do more quite a bit of damage (mainly loosing wheels) to your car
    Also, the trophy room may seem a bit different - it is in preparation for the next 2 themes which I plan on creating in the future.

    Plus, I...
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  3. More fixes and improvements

    Another update that flushes things out and address some issues/bugs

    The major change is that the trophy room should load much faster, though the download size of this mod has increased a bit due to the fix. However, it should prevent your cache size from increasing by a large amount.

    Visual Changes:
    • Changed neutron stars to be more representative of the area of effect on Airborne 3:5
    • Reduced coils in tech...
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  4. Fixes

    A few fixes to sort out some issues:
    • Fixed missing textures on Airborne: 2:5 - Nitrous Oxide
    • Fixed being awarded trophy every time in Targets: 2:4 - Slalom
    • Laid out the curling scores better - breakdown is more comprehensible and correctly displayed
    • Fixed the flickering textures in car darts and airborne events
    • Made the rotations of objects a little less crazy for space levels
    • Added ringed planet to Targets 3:4 - Zero-gravity
    • Added in order of potting to Cue...
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  5. Fixed curling events

    • Fixes scenario not ending in the curling events