Experimental Carmageddon TVR Bug Catcher 0.62S

Based loosely on a game car

  1. G-Farce
    Started out as a Eagle II chassis and became it's own beast. Goal being to craft an alien/mad max car on a difficult bodystyle, or at least one bodystyle I avoided for some time. Turned out great all round.

    Rear-Engined AWD track beast running on some wannabe top secret biofuel that requires 4 superchargers just to be stable. Very good chassis, Comes with extra spicy front flipper nosecone* and loud backfiring exhaust to let em foes know what's up a mile away. Slicks all round, massive tyres in the rear give you an understeer bias. Being a heavy car round the 1600kg mark will require center locked diff to get the most out of it, which you can change in the cockpit along with front and rear diff toggles if required.

    This is the first uploaded mod where I've tinkered with the jbeam files HEAVILY after export, namely to furnish the car:
    • Oldschool 7hz ABS ripped off a junked hyundai. Nobody can drive this beast but you.
    • SLI ESC and Drift ESC, turned off by default
    • 3 additional paintjobs
    • Tuned DamperFast Rebound and bounds
    • Softened Anti-roll bars, front end is loose
    • Tasteful backfiring configuration(in theory can shoot flames) and low ECU-tuned Idle
    • Improved reliability and 'point of no return' in clutch
    TVRBugCatcherpersp.png TVRBugCatcherpersp2.png
    *Covets get stuck to your front end more than they get flipped thanks to the jbeam. This is your friend... ...Bask in the limitless world of Carmageddon...


    1. TVRBugCatchertoppersp.png
    2. TVRBugCatcherRearUnder.png
    3. TVRBugCatcherRear.png
    4. TVRBugCatcher.png
    5. TVRBugCatcherpersprear2.png

Recent Reviews

  1. divebomber
    Version: 0.62S
    yes it very good
  2. TheCrySick
    Version: 0.62S
    I've just tested your car with my gamepad. First, I was able to climb Pike Peaks at the first try, your car is really easy to drive! I really like this crazy design, but I think you have too much metallics in your paint, causing a strange aspect in BeamNG. Also, it’s quite strange to have backfires, but without engine sound. But the ‘’strange’’ is the philosophy of your creation! I think the only real ‘’problem’’ of your car is that your brakes are way too powerful for your chassis, giving a real bad time to the ABS and making the car understeer every time you touch the brake
    1. G-Farce
      Author's Response
      Haha awesome yeah I put in the metallic effect because I'm sure it looks more alien and "better" this way I did actually crank up the braking all the way in automation, it's got the most braking force of any car but I was still not able to get it to brake properly (I seem to have trouble with awd layout braking setup)! I did give it an engine sound tho, unless It's being overwritten by my game file and only I can hear it? That's strange if true I'll have to make an update
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