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Cessplane L19 2017-06-05

A mid 1900's reconnaissance aircraft

  1. Dummiesman
    Cessplane L19

    A small plane based on the Cessna L-19


    This plane was created for BeamNG with love and care over the past 2 weeks. Many details were thought of, many photos were looked at.

    This mod includes 13 skins. 12 handcrafted, true to life skins, and 1 fictional skin:

    22nd TASS, U.S. Army
    Royal Thai Army
    112th Liaison Squadron, 23rd Tactical Wing, VNAF
    Royal Norwegian Air Force
    Royal Canadian Air Force
    Royal Canadian Air Force (Trainer)
    VMO-2, USMC
    9th Hikotai, 9th Shidan, Touhoku Houmentai
    U.S. Army (International Orange)
    French Air Force
    "Bunny II", Australian Army
    161 Reconnaissance Flight, Australian Army

    There are 29 configurations already done for you for this aircraft
    14 skins
    14 skins + floats
    1 colorable (no floats)

    Additional Features
    If you choose to do so, a mouse yoke is supported. You can also set up a throttle quadrant, and even a yoke/rudder pedals!

    Jbeam - Dummiesman, CarlosAir
    Model - Helijah, Dummiesman, Ryakra
    Skins - Ryakra, Dummiesman
    Textures - Helijah, Dummiesman, Ryakra, VeyronEB
    Config Descriptions - WINGS PALETTE
    Special Thanks - Goosah, pickle330, B25Mitch, Stoat Muldoon, Diamondback

    rcac.png ioge.png xpml.png rcaf.png bnny.png rnaf.png thai.png fnce.png beam.png aus1.png japn.png usaf.png mrns.png svnm.png mrns_float.png svnm_float.png rnaf_float.png thai_float.png rcac_float.png rcaf_float.png fnce_float.png bnny_float.png aus1_float.png usaf_float.png beam_float.png japn_float.png ioge_float.png

Recent Reviews

  1. Cool Username
    Cool Username
    Version: 2017-06-05
    Very nice plane, easy controls, very realistic. I made controls for my xbox 360 controller and it works perfectly
  2. Nadeox1
    Version: 2017-06-05
    Nice plane with very interesting controls.
  3. 1HyperCube1
    Version: 2017-06-05
    Nice. Although there doesn't seem to be controller support?
  4. TheDragonGamer
    Version: 2017-06-05
    Awesome to fly with keyboard but, how do you set it up for a controller, it wont fly at all or even react to my PS4 controller, and when i change the controlls to be the controller it doesnt work at all!
  5. quadisimo
    Version: 2017-06-05
    Cool Mod Bro
  6. Def2004
    Version: 2017-06-05
    Have been waiting this type of plane since B25 Mitchel out
  7. beemer
    Version: 2017-06-05
    first plane and only plane that works in my beamng drive
  8. furiousfireball
    Version: 2017-06-05
    They need a 6-star feature
  9. smpkat
    Version: 2017-06-05
    Great plane, handles well, a lot of paint styles, The only problem is that the fuselage barely deforms. Pieces disappear, but it doesn't really bend.
    1. Dummiesman
      Author's Response
      Planes only bend in rare circumstances in real life. They break into pieces. We can't do that in BeamNG, so things go missing instead of breaking.
  10. DankMemeBunny
    Version: 2017-06-05
    I love this! Its really fun to fly though it does have 2 things I do not like. 1. The plane does not support Xbox 360 controller and I cant bother binding it 2. The turning things stay there instead of going back to normal. That's it 10/10 100%
    1. Dummiesman
      Author's Response
      You can bind xbox controls, and there are different modes for the control surfaces so they don't "stay there"