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Experimental Changeable Engine Parts 0.2

Change engine parts!

  1. Exhaust Backpressure

    I dont know a name
    Fixed a major bug with the fullsize. It now should be using the new engine and the camshafts do work now! :D

    Removed unneeded parts inside the files (Thanks Racermon)
    -Added custom exhausts. Stock exhausts have more backpressure and wont rev up as quick as the racing one.

    -Mostly just fixed the fullsize
  2. Hatch Added

    I dont know a name
    Added in the Covert with pistons cams and rods
    Thought adding in a different car would have fixed a few things which it fixed the issue where it would use different parts as i discovered last night with my VTEC mod the fullsize wouldnt use my differential as the default part.

    The camshafts Idle and MaxRPM still don't work though. Afterfire effects and limiter time do however.


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