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Chavernak C-Series Cargo Vehicles 1.0 SP1

A fleet of various cargo vehicles manufactured and sold by Chavernak Motors.

  1. olamercedes
    CHAVERNAK - C-Series

    Introducing the C-series line of cargo vehicles, for all your hauling needs!

    The C-series constitutes the 6 following models, including 2 engine variants each.

    The C250 and C500; The Cargo Van: Miniaturized.

    With our incredibly bulletproof Iron Duchess Inline-4 motor as standard, or our award winning HexaStar V6 as an optional extra, this 5 speed manual transmission miniaturized cargo van is perfect for the downtown city outgoing person who requires the spacious versatility of a cargo van, in the package of a small compact hatchback. Introducing the C250 and C500 available at your local Chavernak Authorized Dealer.

    The C1250 and C1500: The Classic Van: Reimagined.

    Equipped as Standard with our New G1660 Inline-6, It is able to fit all of your hauling and cargo needs, without handing your wallet in the shredder, thanks to its highly praised fuel economy. Our Award winning TITAN V8 is optional, for those who need more than what our G1660 Inline-6 can offer. Introducing the C1250 and C1500 available at your local Chavernak Authorized Dealer.

    The C2250 and C2500: The C1250 and C1500: Extended.

    For Those who require more space out of their regular cargo van, the C2250 and C2500 is your answer. Based on our amazing C1250 and C1500, you enjoy all of your favorite things from those models: Extended. Which includes the strong and efficient G1660 Inline-6 and our powerful TITAN V8. Introducing the C2250 and C2500 available at your local Chavernak Authorized Dealer.

    The C3250 and C3500: The C2250 and C2500: Pickup style.

    Enjoy our C2250 and 2500 but wish it was a Pickup? Well Wish Granted! With the same familiarity and Bulletproofness of the C2250 and C2500, with a Pickup twist. Enjoy your cargo outside of the cabin with the C3250, which includes our G1660 Inline-6, or upgrade to C3500, which features our TITAN V8. Introducing the C3250 and C3500 available at your local Chavernak Authorized Dealer.

    The C4250 and C4500: For the big stuff.

    Now you need to haul the big stuff? No worries! The C4250 and C4500 are here to save the day! Including our G1660 Inline-6 as standard from our other models, or our TITAN V8 as an optional extra, The 4250 and 4500 is here for your big loads. Introducing the C4250 and C4500 available at your local Chavernak Authorized Dealer.

    The C5250 and C5500: For the even bigger stuff.

    So the C4250 and C4500 wasn't big enough for you? Don't sweat it! Our biggest models of the C-Series fleet, the C5250 and C5500, offer the most cargo space in its class, beating out the competition. With loads of headroom, and the same G1660 Inline-6 and TITAN V8 from subsequent models, it wipes the competition out of the picture. Introducing the C5250 and C5500 available at your local Chavernak Authorized Dealer.

    With our fleet of 6 models, the C-Series fleet of cargo vehicles will adapt to all of your cargo and hauling needs.

    If you spot a defect in your Chavernak product, we advise NOT informing us about it in the review of the product. Please however, contact us (olamercedes) directly with the details of the defect regarding your Chavernak product, and we will resolve the matter appropriately.

    We allow the production of videos regarding Chavernak C-Series Cargo Vehicles.

    However, unauthorized modifications and redistribution of Chavernak C-Series Cargo Vehicles is unacceptable, and will face repercussions.

    Credits: olamercedes

    if you read down this far, jeez you like to read don't you?

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