Outdated Cheat Panel (soon) 0.61

A panel with fun features

  1. border fix

    Change log:
    1. Removed border that appear when focusing
  2. A lot of new things

    Change log:
    1. Added invisibility mode.
    2. Added color change speed adjustment.
    3. Added percentage indicators to the sliders.
    4. Added the ability to adjust game speed.
    5. Added the ability to increase the quality of shadows.
    6. Multiple code changes.
    7. Adaptation to 0.24.
  3. Сode improvement

    Change log:
    1. Added automatic reboot when looping the car reboot.
    2. I changed the working principle of the code for Drift/Drag/WTF mode.
    3. And a few more minor changes.
  4. New features and bug fix

    Change log:
    1. Added a multiplier for multiplier.
    (It does not replace the standard multiplier, but applies its own, on top of others.)
    2. The code for" rainbow mode " has moved from lua to js.
    3. Fixing minor bugs.
  5. Fixing a very stupid mistake

    * -1
    Fixed "Smooth" mode
    I forgot to multiply the coefficient by -1 (lmao)
  6. Minor bug fixes, + optimization

    Change log:
    1. Rewrote code for 'MORE_POWER!!!'
    2. Optimized the Drift/Drag/WTF/ mode code.
    3. 'Auto' renamed to 'SMOOTH'
  7. Bug fixes and improvements

    Change log:
    1. Для кнопки Reload появился Русский перевод.
    2. Теперь перевод гарантированно будет, даже при перезагрузки ui.
    3. "MORE POWER!!!" mode can now be turned on while driving.
  8. Bug fix

    Change log:
    1. Added a 'Reload' button that will reboot the ui and the car.
    (If the Indestructible Engine mode does not work)

    2. Now you can change the size of the app.
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