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Chicago Skins Pack 芝加哥涂装包 1.31

Police & Fire Department & Bus skins form Chicago! 芝加哥警车&消防&公交涂装!

  1. Delta747Fan
    Version: 1.31
    I consider Chicago as my third home, and I love the skins. Nice job!
  2. Rumen
    Version: 1.31
    The mod is good. Working perfectly! But why the Police cars having Blue Light bars, Fire Dep. cars Blue & Red light bar and Vans Red light? Is there have any reason? Anyways keep working!
  3. FordKing
    Version: 1.3
    Could you make a pack of Maryland police and EMS?
  4. Thane
    Version: 1.2
    I would like to see a Fire Engine skin of the CFD at the ETK 6000 or 4000 because there are way to low skin for this truck. But execpt that I love the mod and really great Work, keep it up with the work.
  5. Planet Xtreme
    Planet Xtreme
    Version: 1.0001
    I downloaded this mod today and I LOVE IT! The skins are so unique, and I previously had another mod downloaded from you.
    Your vehicle skins are really something, great work dude, I love them so much!
  6. Nissan Skyline
    Nissan Skyline
    Version: 1.0001
    Quite honestly one of my favorite mods. The wide variety is awesome! The CTA bus is so great, along with all the other skins! The different eras for different vehicles are really cool, and it is all really well done, great work!
    1. OuDacai
      Author's Response
      Thanks :D
  7. GotNoSable!
    Version: 1.0001
    Time to get robbed 89369456397 times.
  8. bartoil
    Version: 1.0
    I love this mod I ve been waiting so mutch time for mod with CHPD i have an question but I ll start conversation bc i want to send photo I LOVE THIS MOD :)
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