1. Sounds added

  2. Removed tons of stuff. Check the discussion for more details!!!!

    Please check the discussion tab for more details on this mod.
  3. Hotfix (fixed problem with nuclear chicken not exploding for some people)

    Your chicken not exploding? This should fix it.
  4. Added explosive (nuclear) chicken, a fat chicken, and a white chicken (null)

    More chickens to spice up this now "pack."

    Be careful! One is very explosive! with over 75 thousand pounds of TNT!

    who wants to have themselves a look?

    default.png BeamNG2018-03-3117-35-18-00.png BeamNG2018-03-3117-36-07-85.png
  5. Added a huge egg

    Yes, now you have an egg with a chicken, makes perfect since, right?

    the egg JBEAM Was created by @Gavril T85.
  6. [Moderator Update]

    Modified zip filename to match previous versions and re-uploaded the mod.
  7. fixed

    mod should work now, egg is in a work in progress.
  8. hotfix

    Updated the JBEAM, once again, help from Ghost187.
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