Chivog DM 1.0

Chivogs big sedan from the 90s

  1. PlayKoyote24
    The Chivog DM was the successor the the FM, it was a big sedan built from 1990 to 2001.
    The car was Chiovogs first attempt at entering the premium/luxury segment, and the DM has some interesting quirks because of that, as you have two places to mount the engine, either in front of the front axle or behind it, The fwd variants have the engine in front of the axle, the awd models behind it.
    example for the interior.

    The cheapest version was the DM 16, equipped with a 1.6l 16V inline 4 engine making about 100hp, fwd, 5speed manual and basic trim

    screenshot_2021-01-24_19-03-37.png screenshot_2021-01-24_19-03-52.png
    The car was avaiable with a 1.8l engine and optional automatic gearbox, the manual 18 is also in the pack but it looks the same as the 16.

    The 20 16V was aimed at people who wanted a sportier and better equipped car on a budget. It had paartial leather seats, a leather steering wheel and a 155hp high revving 2.0l i4, that will push the car way over 200kph.
    screenshot_2021-01-24_18-59-09.png screenshot_2021-01-24_18-58-51.png

    The GSI uses the 2.0 engine and couples it with a turbocharger to create 225hp and lots of torque, going to all four wheels. Chivog wanted awd and turbo technology to show off and improve their image.
    screenshot_2021-01-24_18-49-12.png screenshot_2021-01-24_18-49-22.png screenshot_2021-01-24_18-49-48.png

    The DM was also avaiable with a 3,0l V6 engine, sorced from the FM.
    The DM 30 was meant to be a comfortable, quiet and sleek business sedan (when fuel prices don'tr matter much). It is fwd and makes 179hp from it's 3l engine.

    screenshot_2021-01-24_18-51-59.png screenshot_2021-01-24_18-52-18.png
    It certainly attracted a lot of elderly buyers who forget to turn off the turn signal....

    The DM 33 has the samebasic 3l engine,but ios meant for the boss himself and not just the guy working for him like the 30 is. It is also suitable for people who appreciate finme materials, highcomfort, a nice engine and sporty touches. The car has nearly 260hp. It didnt sell that well as it was really expensiove and Chivog was more known for cheap and small cars and budget friendly sedans.
    screenshot_2021-01-24_18-48-04.png screenshot_2021-01-24_18-45-18.png

    Now, we will come to the special cars of this package...

    The DM BiTurbo.
    Chivog wanted to compete with Mercedes and BMW, but lacked the big engine that was still in development. So they decided to modify it and created the BiTurbo, which had even better trim than the 33, a turbocharged 33 engine with 280hp and a manual. It was effortlessly to drive 280 in this car and the car was set up to drive constantly 250 whilest using reasonable amounts of fuel and being not too loud or high in the rev range.
    The Biturbo was only made from 1990 to 1993, as the V8 was launche din 1992. The BiTurbo sold less than 3000 times.
    screenshot_2021-01-24_18-41-51.png screenshot_2021-01-24_18-42-17.png screenshot_2021-01-24_18-42-52.png

    The Chivog V8 (NOT DM vg8, just V8, it is meant to be something different!) made from 1992 to 2002 was only built 12000 times in that period and was meant to improve Chivogs image and lead them into the premium segment.
    The 3.6l V8 started as two 1.8l 16V i4 engines slammed together, and the engines still used the same cylinder head at the end.
    The car makes 290hp, has awd, every option avaiable at the time, awd and an automatic gearbox. It was only avaiable in silver, as the V8 had an aluminium body and wasn't painted.
    Leading Chivog into the premium segment didn't really work that well though.
    screenshot_2021-01-24_19-09-24.png screenshot_2021-01-24_19-09-34.png screenshot_2021-01-24_19-09-49.png screenshot_2021-01-24_19-11-38.png screenshot_2021-01-24_19-11-46.png screenshot_2021-01-24_19-11-57.png screenshot_2021-01-24_19-12-17.png
    The last four images show the differences mbetween the BiTurbo and the V8.
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