Beta Citta di Scansaconi 0.3

A fully custom map with custom script to run realistic autocross!

  1. Flamers
    Built with a brand new autocross script that accurately represents real autocross scoring this map with allow you to autocross until your heart is content!

    With 6 different autocross tracks, based on real locations from across the world this is basically a whole game in a map!

    If you ever get burnt out autocrossing you can always go for a drive around the town, the residents are huge racing fans and love nothing more than seeing the latest high performance car racing through the streets.

    A huge thank you to GrowfyBruce for writing the autocross script, ConeDodger for putting up with us endlessly bugging him for information and testing the map for us and ZeeKay for helping us with performance testing.

    Watch to watch me edit this and create other maps? Watch me on

    Please note: Autocross is very CPU heavy and we recommend at least a hyper threaded dual core CPU as a minimum to play. To play optimally you will need a minimum of 4 physical cores.

    autocross_preview.jpg castle_preview.jpg industrial_preview.jpg port_road_preview.jpg sawmill_preview.jpg town_preview.jpg village_preview.jpg Gainesville.jpg Whitehouse_Field_A.jpg Whitehouse_Field_B.jpg Whitehouse_Field_C.jpg


    • Fixed Autocross script
    • Optimised Autocross script for more FPS
    • Stop doing maths multiple times for the Autocross script

Recent Updates

  1. Città di Scansaconi v0.3

Recent Reviews

  1. SeanKamran
    Version: 0.3
    Quality! Also happy to see some autocross integration : )
  2. ConeDodger
    Version: 0.2
    I am biased as it gets, but happy to see Autocross integration with BeamNG
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