Citta di Scansaconi 1.0

A fully custom map with custom script to run realistic autocross!

  1. Flamers
    Citta di Scansaconi
    Probably the best Autocross simulator, in the world.


    • Unique Autocross script which accurately represents real world rules!
    • 10 Autocross tracks for you to master, 6 modeled on real world tracks!
    • Open Autocross area
    • 2 industrial autocross areas
    • A new town to explore
    • Additional tracks to time trial on


    There are 6 real world autocross tracks as part of the map with 4 additional fictional courses designed to take advantage of the unique environment. With a brand new Autocross script custom coded by GrowfyBruce for this map it's not something you're going to see anywhere else!


    Rest of the map

    Based in the fictional Frunia, from the Automation universe, the map is based in a Mediterranean style town with a town centre and a small village outside of the town. A pair of industrial estates allow for some serious hooning around in the map.

    autocross_preview.jpg industrial_preview.jpg port_road_preview.jpg village_preview.jpg


    Whilst the map is not very large it is very processor heavy when running the Autocross courses, there it is highly recommended to use a processor with at least 4 physical cores and as a minimum use a dual core processor with hyper threading.


    My Beam maps!


    Thank you to ConeDodger240 for putting up with GrowfyBruce and me when building the script and map
    Thank you to GrowfyBruce for making the script, without you this map wouldn't exist
    Thank you to Zeekay for performance testing, without you no one would be able to play the map


    • Fixed Autocross script
    • Optimised Autocross script for more FPS
    • Stop doing maths multiple times for the Autocross script
    • Changed from mesh roads to decal roads
    • Added grass
    • Added more autocross courses
    • Added gymkhana course
    • Added more scenery
    • Edited sky box to make it look nicer (and less orange)

Recent Reviews

  1. Soupisgood2
    Version: 1.0
    This is a pretty good map, but can you set up autocross events in freeroam, and if so, how?
    1. Flamers
      Author's Response
      It's not possible to do so, there is a list file that needs to be run for them to work which is only possible in time trail/scenario. If you know how to use the editor is is possible to reverse engineer what I've built to create your own if you want
  2. SeanKamran
    Version: 0.3
    Quality! Also happy to see some autocross integration : )
  3. ConeDodger
    Version: 0.2
    I am biased as it gets, but happy to see Autocross integration with BeamNG
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