Beta (City of) Los Injurus 2020-01-10

The large city of Los Injurus welcomes you with an update!

  1. Fixes my booboos and the AI. Texture optimization, too.

    Lots of fixes for my "Chris's Mess" of an excuse for a map release...
    This fixes the orange / no-texture issues on the terrain due to an editor bug. Also adds in grass fields, and a few (but not too many) extra buildings. Fixes for some AI bugs are also present, and the exit ramps also no-longer 'reflect' they are two-lanes when they are in-fact one lane. There's considerably more detail on the roads over by the mall, and also the abandoned Frank Douglass towers have a hole-filled parking...
  2. (City of) Los Injurus Winter 2019 update / fixes for 0.18.

    Lots of new buildings, roads, and above all, STUFF! Fixes a bunch of things for 0.18, so the console is no-longer novel worthy.
  3. moderation update v01

    no description
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