Unsupported Civetta Bolide - LS Swapped 1.35

World's first LS-swapped Civetta Bolide!

  1. Naming Fixes and a new fresh look

    Mods told me that I need to fix the naming of the material.json in case of overlapping with future updates, so I had to fix it for a while, which I released a few good stuff.

    It features Supercharged V8 from Proformance LSX427 1000 HP V8 (modelled of Gavril Barstow supercharged V8)

    Here are some pics btw
    screenshot_2021-05-14_15-00-49.png screenshot_2021-05-14_14-50-27.png screenshot_2021-05-14_14-51-43.png screenshot_2021-05-14_14-56-42.png screenshot_2021-05-14_14-55-30.png
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