Beta Civetta Bolide LS7 V6.0

A GM LS7-powered Bolide, inspired by the C6 Corvette!

  1. Some nice updates!

    Some nice updates!

    Better and more revised engine model (including using a new supercharger model from the Fullsize V8 instead of using the Bolide turbo textures)



    More thicc and wide rims and tires!
    - Gavril 5sport (all three colors)
    - Folk ZT55 Rims (Black and Silver)
    - Alder Powr-Push (Chrome and Two Tone)
    - 325/30R19 Super Sport and Race Tires

    Added a sequential transmission option as well

    Configurations have...
  2. Revised Sound update

    The LS7 Bolide gets some revision on the sound sample, hopefully it will satisfy you!

  3. Christmas Revamp compatible with the New Remastered Bolide!

    DELETE YOUR OLD angry_bird_ls7super (you can keep the file if you have it with the Civetta Bolide Legacy Edition

    Revised Configurations:
    All configurations here have the rims and tires upgraded to 20 inches for the rear and 19 inches to the front. Names have also been changed into fitting more of the real life applications of the Chevrolet LS-engine (particularly based on the C6...
  4. Tire updates

    Tire updates:
    The LS7 and the LS7 Classic receives race tires to maximize grip. the LS7 Classic gets bigger rims and wider tires to maximize grip even more!
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