Civetta Bolide LS7 2005 V3.5 Custom Sound

A GM LS7-powered Bolide with 3 different levels of power, 4 different configurations!

  1. Bonus Custom Sound!

    1. Bonus Custom Sound!
    (Based on this clip with 2 sound recordings in the art folder)
    2. LS7 base configuration gets freshened, a throwback to my original LSX427 Bolide early versions.
  2. Added Supercharger and configs!

    Added Supercharger and configurations!
    1. Engine intake and exhausts gets extra upgradeds plus reliability increased to 9000 rpm!
    2. Added supercharger at 1.2 bar pressure.
    3. 6 Extra configurations including a police car and 3 Bolide Tracktoy based configurations (credits to @ItsYourBoi for producing the Track Toy mod for engine swaps)!
    This will work fine in general if you don't install the Bolide Tracktoy mod...
  3. Engine revision

    Engine RPM extension up to 9000 rpm (can use whatever ECU you likefor your RPM limit), not recommended for stock or heavy duty engine block.
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